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DIY Wine Bottle Holiday Sweaters

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Here’s a cheap and creative way to dress up a hostess gift this holiday season!

Wine Bottle Covers

Do it yourself wine bottle sweaters for the holidays! We got this idea from a catalog that featured wine bottles snuggled up in some cute “ugly” Christmas sweaters.

What you need: felt, thread, buttons, hot glue, a sewing machine, and whatever other decorations you can use to dress up your sweater (pom poms, ribbon, etc.). Oh, and of course a wine bottle that needs some outerwear. We had some fun using all of the different stitching options on the sewing machine to decorate the red stripes on the gray sweater. Be creative!

Vicky Barone Wine Bottle Cover Template

Check out the post on our new blog for the free PDF! You can use to get your sweater to fit just right! It’s sized so that you can do the stitching on the outside where it is visible (we think it’s super cute like that!). If you’d like to hide the stitching, you can extend the template a quarter of an inch or so, but be warned that the felt will be very bulky when you flip it right side out after it’s sewn.

These are great to have on hand to fancy up a bottle of holiday spirits you might be sharing with friends and family this season. They also look great on the kitchen counter as Christmas decor if you can’t seem to part with them!

Check out my Holidays + Ornaments Pinterest board for more fun Holiday ideas!

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comVicky Barone Free Printable Reindeer Gift Tags

Looking for an easy and stylish way to fancy up your packages? Check out my free printable reindeer gift tags!  They feature the artwork from my personalized Christmas ornaments by Oopsy Daisy.

Once you download them, you can print them on regular paper or card stock. Cut them out and use a hole punch to make a hole or just tape them directly to a gift.  I used a star-shaped hole punch to add a little interest but they would look great with just a circle too!

Vicky Barone Printable Gift Tag on Gift

Personalize it with text on the back like this:

Vicky Barone Reindeer Gift Tag Back

Here’s what the PDF looks like:
Vicky Barone Free Downloadable Reindeer Gift Tag PDF

I’d love to see other creative ways people use these so send me a picture of your gift!
Happy wrapping!

(*for non-commercial use only, not for distribution or resale!)

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Looking for last minute gift ideas? Oopsy Daisy has lots of really great gifts for under $20. If you order today you get free shipping so don’t miss out! Some of my products were featured in their gift guide for kids. I’m very excited about my partnership with them because their products are such high quality and when personalized are thoughtful and fun gifts all year round. There are a bunch of other really cool products that feature artwork from artists all over the world.

Here are the three products of mine that were featured in their gift guide:

You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal - Vicky Barone
You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal ($20

Robots Rule Wall Decal Phil - Vicky Barone
Robots Rule – Phil – Wall Decal ($17)

Reindeer Ornament - Vicky Barone

Personalized Reindeer Ornament (other colors too!) ($16)

Enjoy finishing up last-minute shopping and Happy Holidays!

DIY Star Wars Characters Popsicle Stick Ornaments

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comDarth and Storm Trooper

After I made the Christmas character popsicle ornaments, I started brainstorming ideas for other ornaments that would be fun.  Check these out! My husband definitely thinks they turned out cool, however, I think they would be difficult for our 3 year old to make (since the pieces of cut foam were small and hard to handle).  Here’s a list of the materials I used: colored foam, scissors, glue, tongue depressors, paint, and ribbon.  First I created a template to cut out the pieces from foam and then glued them together.  Darth’s face was a little difficult because I wanted to give it depth and was only using black foam.  It would have been great to find dark gray but I think the end result worked out well. You could even use these as puppets!

Special Dates Print

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I’ve become a regular on Pinterest lately because I love to see what other creative people are up to.  Recently I came across two different date prints that I really loved.  The first one showed a very graphic layout of just important days seen here.  They even let you design your own by adding your dates and printing at home.  I also came across this one that you can order from Etsy.  Colleen and Shannon have a variety of other prints you can order as well.  I wanted to combine the two ideas for myself so I created my own special date print.

Special Dates Print

I got this frame from Target – I liked the floating glass look but it would look great with a matte as well.
Something like this would make a very personal and thoughtful gift for someone special.

Jack In The Box

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Hello. This is Jack and he’s in a box.  My son Jack is seven months old and I’m absolutely positive that he’ll hate me when he’s older for doing this, but for now it makes me smile.  JackInTheBox

Our good friend and AMAZING photographer, Julie Mock took this wonderful picture.  Check back next time to see what Jack is up to!