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Sundance Film Festival 2013 Greeting Card

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comVicky Barone Sundance 2013

I had the amazing opportunity to design a greeting card that is featured at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival! If you happen to be in Utah for this year’s festivities, stop by the Festival Co-Op at 608 Main Street to check out all of the sponsors’ cool offerings and presentations!  Recycled Paper Greetings has their own Co-Op space where participants can mail a complimentary greeting card of their choice! I’m so excited for the opportunity to be included in such an amazing event.

Here are some of the people we are following on Twitter to keep up with all of the Sundance news:
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We’ve launched our new website!

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comwebsite_screenshot

We are excited to announce the new and improved!

Here you will find my portfolio as well as information on my current partnerships. The new site also features my illustrations, some of my newest greeting cards with Recycled Paper Greetings, as well as access to my products for sale with Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids and The Land of Nod.

If you’re interested in my designs and would like to become a partner, please contact us! You can also connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Check back soon to find new products featuring my artwork as well as to keep up with the new and exciting things we have in store for!

Thanks so much for all of your support!

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comVicky Barone Free Printable Reindeer Gift Tags

Looking for an easy and stylish way to fancy up your packages? Check out my free printable reindeer gift tags!  They feature the artwork from my personalized Christmas ornaments by Oopsy Daisy.

Once you download them, you can print them on regular paper or card stock. Cut them out and use a hole punch to make a hole or just tape them directly to a gift.  I used a star-shaped hole punch to add a little interest but they would look great with just a circle too!

Vicky Barone Printable Gift Tag on Gift

Personalize it with text on the back like this:

Vicky Barone Reindeer Gift Tag Back

Here’s what the PDF looks like:
Vicky Barone Free Downloadable Reindeer Gift Tag PDF

I’d love to see other creative ways people use these so send me a picture of your gift!
Happy wrapping!

(*for non-commercial use only, not for distribution or resale!)

DIY Star Wars Characters Popsicle Stick Ornaments

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comDarth and Storm Trooper

After I made the Christmas character popsicle ornaments, I started brainstorming ideas for other ornaments that would be fun.  Check these out! My husband definitely thinks they turned out cool, however, I think they would be difficult for our 3 year old to make (since the pieces of cut foam were small and hard to handle).  Here’s a list of the materials I used: colored foam, scissors, glue, tongue depressors, paint, and ribbon.  First I created a template to cut out the pieces from foam and then glued them together.  Darth’s face was a little difficult because I wanted to give it depth and was only using black foam.  It would have been great to find dark gray but I think the end result worked out well. You could even use these as puppets!

Special Dates Print

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I’ve become a regular on Pinterest lately because I love to see what other creative people are up to.  Recently I came across two different date prints that I really loved.  The first one showed a very graphic layout of just important days seen here.  They even let you design your own by adding your dates and printing at home.  I also came across this one that you can order from Etsy.  Colleen and Shannon have a variety of other prints you can order as well.  I wanted to combine the two ideas for myself so I created my own special date print.

Special Dates Print

I got this frame from Target – I liked the floating glass look but it would look great with a matte as well.
Something like this would make a very personal and thoughtful gift for someone special.


We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comVicky Barone Blog

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Vicky Barone and I’m an artist, greeting card designer and a working mom.  I’m really excited about sharing my everyday inspirations and I’m finally getting around to starting my blog. I’m hoping this will be a wonderful place to better organize my thoughts and document my creative process.

You can expect to find me sharing everything from textures, patterns and imagery, to exploring creative ways to connect with my children.  My days sometimes start out with a very full agenda but are often hijacked by barking dogs, scraped knees, ringing phones and whatever else life brings my way.  Balancing these responsibilities with my drive to live a creative life is always challenging but sometimes I find inspiration in the wonderful chaos.

There are days when having my studio in my home can make me feel isolated.  Hopefully this blog will serve to be a forum for connecting with other creative people.  I’ll also be featuring artists, products and spaces that speak to me.  I look forward to seeing how this grows and hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world!