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Things I Love: Jack’s Nursery

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comJack's Nursery

1. Zig Zag Drapes | 2. One Mod Whale Pod  | 3. Dream Drifter Blue | 4. Custom Name Pillow | 5. U Are Funky Wall Art | 6. Sherwin Williams Rainwashed  | 7. Frazier and Wing Holland Mobile | 8. Transportation Crib Sheet | 9. Bow-Tie Teddy | 10. Change it Up Changing Table | 11. Espresso Rattan I Am Storage Collection | 12. Chevron Diaper Caddy

I love Jack’s nursery because it’s so bright and happy.  I wanted his room to be different than his older brother’s which has more of a primary color theme: blues and reds and more traditional but still fun. My favorite part is that it feels modern but is still playful and full of color.  While I love modern stuff, it can lack personality and playfulness which I think are so important in a kid’s room.  So the pieces I included here seem to be both modern and playful, which created a colorful and happy place for Jack to hang out.  Of course I included some of my own artwork, as Jack was my original inspiration. However, I also love the U Are Funky piece by Melanie Mikecz which I hung above his crib to pull the palette of the whole room together.

My sister-in-law created a custom pillow from one of my pieces (Monster Mugs) that added a wonderful personal touch. She owns her own design studio that focuses on textile design. Check out her work here!

The Chevron Diaper caddies were custom made by Diva’s Intuition.  She now offers standard diaper caddies you can customize with a variety of fun and modern colors and prints!

Dwell Studio no longer makes the Transportation Crib Sheets, but they have a lot of other great bedding!

Here are some actual pictures of the room!  Since Jack is a second child, he inherited the nursery furniture from his older brother. It’s a little dated since it’s 4 years old, but we already had it and we made it work! I was angling towards a new and modern glider like this one from Land of Nod, but the one we already had is still comfortable and works just fine (i.e. I lost the battle with my husband). 🙂


Check back soon to find other Things I Love!

I’m a Featured Mom on The Laundress’ Baby Blog!

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here:

I’m excited and honored to be a “featured mom” on The Laundress’ new Baby Blog!  The co-founders of The Laundress are dear friends of mine.  I worked with them when they first started their business (developing their branding/packaging/website) and have continued to be a strong supporter of their brand and company.  I absolutely LOVE their products from their signature detergent to their new line of candles and home cleaning products.

They also have a whole line of baby products including their baby detergent which I use everyday! And one of my all-time favorites is their stain solution which gets out anything and everything!

The Laundress Products

1. Signature Detergent  | 2. Baby Detergent  | 3. Stain Solution  |  4. Stain Brush  |  5. Lint Free Cleaning Cloths  | 6. All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate  |  7. Candle Set  |  8. All-Purpose Storage Bag

Check out the whole Featured Mom article here!  And be sure to visit the rest of their blog for great laundry and cleaning tips!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comLast Minute Gift Ideas

Looking for last minute gift ideas? Oopsy Daisy has lots of really great gifts for under $20. If you order today you get free shipping so don’t miss out! Some of my products were featured in their gift guide for kids. I’m very excited about my partnership with them because their products are such high quality and when personalized are thoughtful and fun gifts all year round. There are a bunch of other really cool products that feature artwork from artists all over the world.

Here are the three products of mine that were featured in their gift guide:

You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal - Vicky Barone
You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal ($20

Robots Rule Wall Decal Phil - Vicky Barone
Robots Rule – Phil – Wall Decal ($17)

Reindeer Ornament - Vicky Barone

Personalized Reindeer Ornament (other colors too!) ($16)

Enjoy finishing up last-minute shopping and Happy Holidays!