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St. Patrick’s Day Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamp

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comOlliesHandPressingStampNot only did we all fight the flu as a family, but we also had the opportunity (between naps) to do quite a lot of projects together when Oliver was home sick! (Check out our Froot Loop Rainbows!)

Like all good last-minute projects, this creative craft is all over Pinterest! Here’s one example we liked a lot.

suppliesWhat you need: bell peppers (we bought one with three ridges and one with lucky number four), a knife, green paint (we used a few different shades of acrylic, but you can also use tempura), plastic plates, paper, and a paint brush.

peppersFirst, we cut each pepper in half to make four stamps that fit just right in little hands.

Next, we unrolled the art paper on Oliver’s table in the playroom so he would have a big canvas for his masterpiece. We filled up some plates with paint and watched as Ollie went to town stamping away. He had so much fun!

afterMathBy the end, we had mixed the different greens to make marbleized shamrocks.

stemsWhen we had used every last inch of paper (Oliver made sure of it), we took a foam paint brush and used the excess paint to make stems on each shamrock!

We all had a lot of fun with this project and it got us all very excited for St. Patrick’s Day! We hope you enjoy it too!

St. Patrick’s Day Froot Loop Rainbow Craft

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.comstPaddyFruitLoop_final

My four-year-old Oliver has been home sick this week filling up on movies (aka Thomas and Friends on repeat) and soup. As he gets spurts of energy, we’ve been giving him easy projects to hold his attention.

We saw a similar rainbow craft for St. Patrick’s Day on Pinterest and thought we’d try our own. Nothing says sick day like sugar cereal and Elmer’s glue.

Here’s what we started with:


We originally used the foam brush to spread the glue across the paper, but found that nixing the brush and simply squeezing glue lines was easier and more effective.

Oliver loved sorting the Froot Loops and squeezing the glue all over the paper, Jackson Pollock style.


All in all it was a successful craft and no glue-soaked Froot Loops were consumed. Most likely because we told Ollie that the cereal tasted like mulch and he wouldn’t like it. “But it smells like strawberries!”

We cut the project short after the glue dried, but you can embellish your rainbows with a pot of gold and some cotton ball clouds!

P.S. Oliver wanted to participate in the writing of this blog post (as I type it up on the floor of the living room with The Muppet Movie playing in the background). Here are his thoughts:


Oliver Blogging

DIY Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.com


My three-yea-old is finally old enough to be interested in making Christmas ornaments.  We tried last year when he was 2 1/2 but it was difficult to keep him interested.  This year I was looking on Pinterest for ideas and came across A Day of Wonders’ popsicle stick snowmen.  I showed him the idea and he was really excited so we decided to expand the cast to the whole Christmas gang!

Here is what you need:

The ribbon we attached to hang them with isn’t pictured but you could also just attach an ornament hook.
You could also get creative and use other materials – anything you can glue onto a popsicle stick.
Also: we used tongue depressors which are a little wider and allowed more room for faces, but that title didn’t sound as appealing.


Check out my Holidays + Ornaments Pinterest board for more inspiration!