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I’m a Featured Mom on The Laundress’ Baby Blog!

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.com

I’m excited and honored to be a “featured mom” on The Laundress’ new Baby Blog!  The co-founders of The Laundress are dear friends of mine.  I worked with them when they first started their business (developing their branding/packaging/website) and have continued to be a strong supporter of their brand and company.  I absolutely LOVE their products from their signature detergent to their new line of candles and home cleaning products.

They also have a whole line of baby products including their baby detergent which I use everyday! And one of my all-time favorites is their stain solution which gets out anything and everything!

The Laundress Products

1. Signature Detergent  | 2. Baby Detergent  | 3. Stain Solution  |  4. Stain Brush  |  5. Lint Free Cleaning Cloths  | 6. All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate  |  7. Candle Set  |  8. All-Purpose Storage Bag

Check out the whole Featured Mom article here!  And be sure to visit the rest of their blog for great laundry and cleaning tips!

Jack In The Box

We’ve moved our blog! Check it out here: http://blog.vickybarone.com

Hello. This is Jack and he’s in a box.  My son Jack is seven months old and I’m absolutely positive that he’ll hate me when he’s older for doing this, but for now it makes me smile.  JackInTheBox

Our good friend and AMAZING photographer, Julie Mock took this wonderful picture.  Check back next time to see what Jack is up to!